Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Races

The bad weather finally drifted out to sea on Saturday, giving us blue skies for the first time in a while. In the morning, we finally made it over to the stadium to watch some of the local teams playing rugby. We just stayed long enough to watch a few good rucks and mauls before heading home to prepare for the day's main event - paddling fun races.

The strong wind had made paddling this week very rough, but Saturday afternoon the water in the harbor was still as glass. So many people showed up that we took turns racing the 500m course. In the first race, my boat (green) and the blue boat had a photo finish, but with no one there to capture the photo, we were unsure who really won. Somehow, it was decided that the blue boat won, but we just blamed it on the fact that the green boat is far heavier (and generally slower). We switched it up and I competed in a few more sprints (I can't even remember which we won and lost). For the final race of the day, all three boats competed to go accross the harbor and back. My boat (the red, this time) crushed the competition, easily making it back to the finish line before either green or blue, who were neck and neck until the end.

Our shoulders tired out, we all celebrated with a feast of a barbeque. After filling up on burgers and dogs, we headed home to all get ready for our Saturday evening activity - a joint birthday party at Oscar's house.

Today (Sunday), after a late start, we fulfilled our craving for pizza by eating lunch at Pizza Hut. We then drove back out to Tisa's, where we were more successful than last time (when they were closed). Some of us enjoyed Candyman's famous pina coladas, and we all spread out on Tisa's beach for the rest of the afternoon.

In case you are wondering, we are still doing research (in between tanning at the beach and paddling). We are planning to start with our last cohort of kids on Tuesday, finishing up next week just two days before I fly back home! It's hard to believe that the summer has breezed by so fast, but that's the way summers go.

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